Several dog foods have been recalled this year for Listeria, Salmonella, and Vitamin D concerns. The list has increasingly grown since the beginning of 2019, making it imperative that pet owners keep track of what dog foods are safe for their pets to consume. To help, a complete list of recalled dog foods is included here.

A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula

Lystn, LLC recalled its A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula dog food because it may be contaminated with Salmonella. The recalled affected one lot code - 2018 02/08 20. The recall was issued on Jan. 14.

Hare Today Gone Tomorrow Ground Chicken With Bones and Organs

Hare Today issued a recall on Jan. 23, 2019, for its Hare Today Gone Tomorrow Ground Chicken With Bones and Organs dog food because it tested positive for Salmonella and Listeria. The affected dog food has a lot code of 12.04.2018.

Raw Free Range Turkey

Woody’s Pet Food Deli has recalled its Raw Free Range Turkey dog food after it tested positive for Salmonella. The recall affects lot codes 01/10/20, 01/12/20, and 01/15/20. The recall was issued on Jan. 28 and the pet food was sold in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Woodbury, Minnesota.

Science Diet and Prescription Diet

Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalled 86 lots of 33 different varieties of canned dog foods that had higher than allowable levels of Vitamin D. The recall was expanded twice with the initial recall being released on Jan. 31.

Natural Selections

Darwin’s has recalled its Natural Selections dog food because of potential Salmonella contamination. The recall dog food affected three lots - 5309(11)181019, 5375(11)181106, and 5339(11)181026. The affected dog food was produced on Oct. 19, Nov. 6, and Oct 26. The recall was issued on March 26.

Raw Ground Pet Food

Thogersen Family Farm issued a recall for its ground pet food for possible Listeria contamination. The recall affects course ground rabbit, course ground mallard duck, ground llama, and ground pork frozen raw pet foods. The recall was made on April 4.

Pig Ear Pet Treats

A series of pig ear pet treats have been recalled for Salmonella contamination. The recalled pig ears include products from Dog Goods USA LLC, including its non-irradiated bulk and packaged Chef Toby Pig Ears, as well as its 30-pack Berkley & Jensen brand. Also recalled for Salmonella concerns are Brutus & Barnaby's pig ears pet treats, Pet Supplies Plus' bulk pig ears, and The Lennox Intl Inc.'s Natural Pig Ears.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control have started an investigation into the link between pig ears and human and animal Salmonella illnesses.

Raw Pet Food Products

Texas Tripe issued a recall for its raw pet food products because of possible Salmonella and Listeria contamination. The recalled pet food affects 35 lots for each of 23 product varieties. The recall was issued on Aug. 14.

Turkey And Chicken Dinner Products

Aunt Jeni’s Home Made has recalled its turkey and chicken dinner products because they may be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria. The recall affects lot codes 75199 JUL2020, and 1152013 JUL2020. The recall was made on Aug. 30.

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