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Donald Trump Reuters

Mitt Romney surrogate and real estate mogul Donald Trump disagrees with the presumed Republican nominee on using Rev. Jeremiah Wright in attack ads against President Obama and encouraged him to do so.

In a telephone interview with Fox and Friends, Trump said that connecting the former pastor to Obama was fair game because the president's campaign was criticizing Romney's experience as CEO of Bain Capital.

I'd let them go at it, Trump said. If you're going back into the past -- Mitt has done an amazing job at creating jobs, he's really done an incredible job, and I think it's fair. If it's going to be game on, let it be game on. Go after Obama.

Trump brought up Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who said on Meet the Press Sunday morning that the anti-Bain strategy, as well as bringing up Rev. Wright, was nauseating politics.

I think it's a very unfair ad and even Cory Booker ... who happens to be a Democrat, I watched over the weekend -- he was very incensed by that ad. He thought it was very unfair.

President Obama resigned his membership from a Chicago church in 2008 after media uncovered and scrutinized controversial and offensive sermons by the former pastor. Wright resurfaced in the news last week after a New York Times article reported a Republican super PAC was proposing an attack ad that would connect Obama with Wright. The proposal was quickly shot down.

Last Thursday, Romney condemned the idea, saying it would have been the wrong course for a PAC or a campaign.