Raffolux Raffolux

In today’s world there are so many opportunities to give back by donating to charity, whether it’s donating a few quid when making a purchase at your most frequented shops or making a contribution online to campaigns that are promoted via social media. But one up-and-coming raffle company is changing the way we think about donating to charity, and is giving players the chance to support charities of their choice and win incredible prizes at the same time. Introducing Raffolux.

Taking the UK market by storm, Raffolux has created a fun way for people to get engaged with charities by raffling off exclusive prizes that could range from the latest iPhone to a seven-night’s stay at an all-inclusive resort in the Maldives, a sparking new Rolex Submariner or even a factory-fresh Mercedes G-Class. The prizes are always kept up to date with the latest and greatest trends and releases, and there are new products and experiences up for grabs every single day. Originally launched in 2019, Raffolux founders Gerry Lianos and Harry Hammond set out with the vision of bringing the traditional fundraising raffle online, and Raffolux is now recognized as the premier raffle company in the U.K. and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity.

“With Raffolux, we wanted to give people an exciting new way to win amazing prizes that embraced the traditions of the raffle as a charity fundraiser”, Raffolux CEO and co-founder Gerry Lianos said. “When our players win, so do the good causes on our platform, and I’m thrilled at the huge number of people that want to join the fun, playing in a safe environment that maintains the highest standards of fairness and transparency.”

Partnering with internationally renowned charities like Alzheimer’s Society, Oxfam, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Women’s Aid and Worldwide Cancer Research, Raffolux provides people with the opportunity to support causes that are near and dear to donors’ hearts. So, whether you feel led to donate to some of your favourite charities or you want to try your luck at winning some amazing prizes, Raffolux presents a new and innovative way to do both at the same time. For more information on Raffolux, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.