• Promo art and screenshots for "The Ancient Gods Part 2" was revealed on social media
  • The game will feature new locations, weapons and enemies
  • A teaser trailer will be revealed on March 15

The second part of “Doom Eternal’s” brutally-difficult DLC “The Ancient Gods” has been teased on social media by official sources, and things are looking good.

In multiple posts across different social media accounts, Bethesda and Id Software has revealed a promotional art piece for the upcoming “The Ancient Gods Part 2” DLC. The artwork features the Doom Slayer wielding what appears to be a war hammer powered by Argent Energy, while squaring off against a heavily armored warrior from Hell that’s wielding a similar energy weapon.

What’s most interesting is that there is a large force of human or Sentinel fighters standing behind the Doom Slayer, including a number of dragons, flying vehicles and a giant robot similar to the ones used by the UAC and ARC forces.

A few images featuring possible locations in “The Ancient Gods Part 2” were uploaded online by Okami Gaming via Twitter.

Thematically speaking, the new locations are a far cry from the Hell-ravaged cities and abandoned Sentinel strongholds from the base “Doom Eternal” game. It seems the DLC will feature more lush environments, including one area that appears to be set in an abandoned city that’s covered in vegetation, similar to the areas in “The Last of Us.”

The Doom Slayer's helmet, painted with the Mark of the Beast, as featured in Doom Eternal
The Doom Slayer's helmet, painted with the Mark of the Beast, as featured in Doom Eternal Id Software

Not much is known about the DLC as of yet apart from a few leaks circulating around the internet and a now-deleted product listing in Bethesda’s official website, according to Notebook Check.

The deleted store listing notes that “The Ancient Gods Part 2” will be the end of the current storyline for Doom 2016. The DLC will take players to unexplored locations including the World Spear and Immora, the last bastion of the dark lord in Hell.

The store listing also introduced a few new enemies including the Armored Baron, the Stone Imp, the Screecher and the Cursed Prowler.

The first part of “The Ancient Gods” is known in the “Doom” community for being incredibly difficult, and while “Doom” isn’t exactly played for its story, its bombshell reveal at the end has fans intrigued as to how the Slayer’s story will end.

“The Ancient Gods Part 2” is yet to receive an official release date, but a teaser trailer will be revealed come March 15.