• Unilever is recalling certain dry shampoos under various brands
  • They may have "potentially elevated levels" of the human carcinogen benzene
  • The recalled products were distributed "nationwide" in the U.S. and Canada

Unilever is recalling certain dry shampoo products because they may contain the chemical benzene, which is considered a human carcinogen. The recall affects products under popular brands, such as Dove and Tresemmé.

The recalled dry shampoo products may have "potentially elevated levels of benzene," according to the company announcement on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website. Based on an internal investigation, the propellant in the aerosol products has been identified as the source of the problem.

"Unilever has worked with its propellant suppliers to address this issue," it noted in the announcement.

Benzene is a colorless or light yellow liquid that can be formed through both natural and human processes, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explained. People are actually exposed to it on a daily basis as it is "ubiquitous" in the environment, but long-term high exposure to it has been found to cause cancer in humans, particularly leukemia and other blood conditions.

It affects people's bodies by causing the cells "not to work correctly," the agency noted. For instance, it may cause the marrow not to produce red blood cells, thereby leading to anemia. It may also cause "excessive bleeding."

The company has not received reports of adverse effects related to the recall.

"Based on an independent health hazard evaluation, daily exposure to benzene in the recalled products at the levels detected in testing would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences," the company noted. However, it is issuing the recall "out of an abundance of caution."

The recall affects certain dry shampoo aerosol products that were produced before October 2021 under popular brands, such as Dove, Suave, Nexxus, Tresemmé and TIGI (Rockaholic and Bed Head).

For instance, the recall includes the Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh Coconut in 1.15 ounces, 5 ounces and 7.3 ounces as well as Dove Dry Shampoo Ultra Clean in 5 ounces, among several other affected Dove dry shampoo products.

Several Tresemme, Suave and Nexxus products are also affected by the recall, while the Rockaholic-branded product included in the issuance is the "Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo" in 2.5 ounces.

A full list of the affected products under these brands can be found in the provided list here. This includes the UPC and lot codes people should look for. Customers may also find out more about the affected products by clicking on the brand logos at the bottom of the company's recall page.

Photos of the affected products' packaging are available on the FDA website and on these brand-specific pages. Those who find that they are in possession of a recalled product are advised to stop using them.

The products were distributed in the U.S. and Canada nationwide as well as online. A recall has also been issued in Canada.

"(N)o other Unilever products are included in this recall, and you can continue to use them," the company noted in its recall FAQs.

Those who have questions about the recall may contact the company at (877) 270-7412. They may also click on the "Get Started" button at the end of the company recall page to request for reimbursement.

"Our top priority is developing products that are safe for you, your families, and the environment," the company noted.

Pictured: The Dove brand logo. Dove