• Artifact weapons are sometimes given as rewards in quests
  • These weapons can also be found randomly while exploring the map
  • Traders sometimes sell Artifact weapons

Artifact weapons are the third tier of offensive combat equipment in “Dying Light 2,” and they offer either high degrees of versatility or vastly increased raw damage when compared to lesser weapons.

Such power, of course, comes at a price. Gold weapons are generally rarer than their blue- or green-tier counterparts, and since weapons can’t be repaired like in the first “Dying Light,” players will eventually find their arsenal exhausted.

Here are some ways on how and where to find Artifact-tier weapons.

Military Checkpoints

There are plenty of military checkpoints scattered across Villedor, and they tend to have a number of weapons in them. Points of interest that feature GRE trucks typically have Artifact weapons tucked away in one of their shelves as well.

Checkpoints often have a number of infected swarming their premises. A couple of molotovs should be enough to clear out any weak zombies and make fighting bigger ones easier.

Bandit Camps

Bandit bases will reward players with Artifact weapons once they’re cleared, and they often have numerous other loot sources inside that may have even more weapons inside.

The Downtown Thugs camp rewards a 2H Axe that, although it has no mod slots, has high damage that can easily cleave lesser zombies in one or two hits.

The Sign is a two-handed axe from the Downtown Thugs camp in Dying Light 2
The Sign is a two-handed axe from the Downtown Thugs camp in Dying Light 2 Dying Light 2

Story Missions

Some story quests give Artifact weapons as rewards at the end, on top of the possibility of naturally finding weapons during their event sequences. The quests by the end of the main storyline have guaranteed Artifact rewards, while the others have some fairly interesting blues and purples that are given away upon completion.

The Nails bow, in particular, is a good bow that players may want to look out for when progressing through the campaign.

Sidequests and Activities

Tons of Artifact weapons are handed out as rewards for sidequests all across Villedor. These quests are typically very short and won’t take more than a couple of minutes to finish. They also tend to have some very interesting stories as well.

There are also plenty of Easter egg weapons and items hidden around the map, and they tend to be hilariously powerful.