Just Cause 3
Square Enix announced the sequel to “Just Cause 3” at E3 2018. Steam/Square Enix

During its E3 showcase this Monday, Square Enix officially announced “Just Cause 4” and revealed some details about the upcoming sequel. Check out all the juicy bits below.

New Setting

“Just Cause 4” is set in South American country Solis, which features lovely beaches and ancient temples. Unfortunately, the new setting mostly has extreme weather conditions. There are tornadoes, lightning and blizzards. Making things worse is the paramilitary group called the Black Hand that appears to be ruling the area. Despite all these, players will enjoy the new setting because it is the largest playground in the series yet.

New Vehicles

The upcoming game will introduce new vehicles that Square Enix promised fans. There are now bulldozers and car transporters or the huge trucks used in transporting cars. There will also be cranes with wrecking balls in the game, according to Polygon.


In addition to new vehicles, developers enhanced the ability to use more grapples and boosters. Controls are improved in a way that would allow players to tether far more objects together. Players can even add booster rockets to send a jeep into the sky. Square Enix also made the enemies smarter and made them available in more archetypes.


The game will continue the adventures of series protagonist Rico Rodriguez. This time around, he is set to take on “the world’s most powerful private army.” However, the group won’t be the only thing that will challenge Rico’s skills in the game. As mentioned earlier, extreme weather will have a major part in the gameplay, as per Eurogamer.

New Engine

At a closed-doors preview session, game director Francesco Antolini and narrative director Omark Shakir confirmed that “Just Cause 4” will run on a new engine, an upgraded version of the open-world engine Apex. GameSpot was informed that the new engine allows for a larger degree of physics simulation while also adding new mechanic variables for an enhanced gaming experience.

Release Date

“Just Cause 4” is scheduled for release on Dec. 4, 2018.