• Royal Knight's Resolve can greatly enhance the damage of the player's next attack
  • Make sure to get enough END to prevent fat rolls while wielding dual Greatswords
  • Stats-wise, armor choice is irrelevant for this build 

Strength-based builds can be very fun to play in “Elden Ring.” Most heavy weapons can kill weak enemies in a single hit, and the potential of these weapons can be pushed to ridiculous levels with the proper buffs and builds.

Most STR weapons rely on high single-hit damage to destroy targets before they can react. This build aims to capitalize on this to turn the slow and cumbersome two-handed armaments into powerful hit-and-run tools that work great even against bosses.

Recommended Stats

First, players will want to get 40 STR to maximize their damage early on without forcing them to miss out on other important stats. Ideally, the STR stat should sit at around 70 or 80 by the endgame.

Next, try to raise VIG and END to at least 30. This build will rely on jumping attacks, so increasing END will be mandatory regardless of preferred armor class. Although, stat allocation priority will have to depend on whether the player wants more HP or damage.

Lastly, make sure to have at least 12 DEX to be able to wield the most two-handed weapons in the game.

Weapons and Talismans

The preferred weapon for this build is the Greatsword due to its high base damage and STR scaling when fully upgraded. This can be found inside a chest on a burial wagon along the north road of Caelid, guarded by a few giant dogs and crows.

The chest containing the Greatsword in Elden Ring
The chest containing the Greatsword in Elden Ring Elden Ring

As for talismans, the only mandatory one is the Claw Talisman as this will significantly boost the damage of jumping attacks. Other recommended talismans include the Green Turtle Talisman and the Arsenal Charm for extra stamina regeneration and extra carry weight respectively.

Ideally, players should try to get two Greatswords. Have a friend drop one during a coop session or simply proceed to NG+.

Mandatory Ash of War

To make this build shine, players will need the Royal Knight’s Resolve Ash of War from Volcano Manor. This is essentially a better version of Determination that grants a bigger damage buff.

Equip both Greatswords with this Ash of War and buff both weapons with it before using a jump attack on an enemy. This will deal massive damage, though reapplying the buff to both weapons may take some time.

A hit from buffed dual Greatswords can one-shot most minor bosses in Elden Ring
A hit from buffed dual Greatswords can one-shot most minor bosses in Elden Ring Elden Ring