Electric heavy-truck company Nikola announced Wednesday that it has started production of its first battery-electric semi-truck.

The official production of the trucks began on Monday at its factory in Coolidge, Arizona. The company plans to deliver 300 to 500 Tre BEV semi-trucks this year.

“The Nikola Tre BEV provides a spacious and well-laid-out environment rich in comfort features and advanced technology. With its high visibility and smooth ride, free of the noise and odor of a diesel engine," Nikola’s website reads.

The battery-electric version of Nikola Tre will be intended for shorter routes, with an estimated range of about 350 miles. It will ramp up production in 2023.

Nikola also has plans to produce a semi-truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. By 2025, the company will introduce a “next generation” fuel-cell model that will be able to be used for routes up to 900 miles.

The GCWR is up to 82,000 lbs. and the max speed goes up to 75 miles per hour. It has a total energy capacity of 753 kWh and a charge time of 120 mins.

Nikola trucks can be purchased through authorized dealers or directly from Nikola.

“The Nikola Tre BEV uses industry-standard charging connections, CCS1 and CCS2. We know the transition to zero-emissions can be difficult, so we offer consultation services to help you set up mobile charging solutions to get you on the road quickly and permanent charging solutions to help you scale up to meet the needs of your zero-emission fleet,” Nikola’s website reads.