Elon Musk's Boring Company is coming to life. With a new website and a new video posted Friday, Musk revealed to the world what he envisions for the future of drivers.

The video and site were unveiled just a day after a SpaceX employee gave the public a glimpse of Musk’s first tunnel boring machine.

It’s the company’s first video shared on YouTube, even though it created its channel earlier this month. Although the clip has no description, the video speaks for itself and shows The Boring Company tunnel project through a 3D rendering.

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The video shows a red car driving onto a metal platform which then lowers itself underground into a vast network of tunnels. The platform travels at 124 mph (200 km) with the vehicle on it as other cars travel on other car-skates through the tunnels. Once the red car reaches its destination, it surfaces outside the tunnel and disembarks the platform so another vehicle can get on it and be taken down to the tunnels.

Here’s what the Musk Boring tunnels will look like:

As for the website, it’s in its early stages for now, with only the video of the future tunnels on the homepage.

Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, spoke about his tunnel venture Friday at TED2017 in Vancouver.

“We’re trying to dig a hole under LA, and this is to create the beginning of what will be a 3D network of tunnels to alleviate congestion,” Musk said. “You should be able to get from Westwood to LAX in 5-6 minutes.”

Musk said the platform the cars will travel on are being designed to achieve speeds of 130 mph, and added there is no speed limit in the tunnels.

Musk’s tunnel idea deviates from other companies, like Google and Uber, which are interested in flying cars.

“I do rockets, so I like things that fly,” Musk said. “There’s a challenge of flying cars in that they’ll be quite noisy. If something’s flying over your head, a whole bunch of flying cars going all over the place, that is not an anxiety-reducing situation. You’ll be thinking, ‘Did they service their hubcap, or is it going to come off and guillotine me?'”

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Musk previously said in a Bloomberg interview in February he plans to create a large underground network that would include 30 levels of tunnels for cars and high-speed trains, like the Hyperloop.

Musk first started pushing the idea of tunnels in December when he tweeted: “Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging.”

In January, he held a Hyperloop competition outside SpaceX’ headquarters after introducing the concept of a ground-based mass transit system a few years prior. However, things got serious when he tweeted during the competition that he was going to “start digging the tunnel tonight.” The next month, Musk revealed he was digging a “demo tunnel” in the SpaceX parking lot.