kitty hawk flyer
The Kitty Hawk Flyer prototype in action. Kitty Hawk

The future of flying cars may look different than you were expecting. Instead of flying above the road like you may have envisioned, instead it'll fly over water.

Alphabet CEO and Google co-founder, Larry Page, was rumored to be working on a flying car project last year, reported Bloomberg Businessweek. The company Zee.Aero filed a patent for a flying car but at the time Page's involvement in the project was kept under wraps. And on Monday, Kitty Hawk Corporation tweeted a promo video for their new Kitty Hawk Flyer prototype.

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The Flyer resembles a jet ski with a web around it and fans that propel it upwards. It's fully electric and should be easy to learn to fly, according to the company.

But on the company's website, it says the Flyer will look different from the prototype. The flying vehicle is called "an ultralight aircraft," by the company. As of now, there is no released price for the craft, but it could be on sale by the end of 2017.

Additionally, the craft will not require a license nor will it require registration. But it can only be flown over fresh water and in not congested areas says the company.