SpaceX tries to recover as many of its Falcon 9 rockets after launch if possible, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. The rockets have exploded, fallen over, or burned up in a spectacle that the company has always accepted and hopefully learned from in the past. There’s even a blooper reel of the rocket’s failures.

But there’s one scenario SpaceX Founder and CEO, Elon Musk says he hates. Wednesday he responded to an article from the satirical website ClickHole about one of his rockets landing in his mean old neighbor’s yard, Sandlot style.

More specifically Musk tweeted, “Hate it when that happens. Some people are so rude!”

The joke story describes the neighbor as a cranky old man who might yell at anyone who tries to get over his fence and into the yard, even if it is to save a multimillion-dollar rocket.

The Falcon 9 is the first reusable rocket of its kind and is routinely used to make deliveries to the International Space Station or to deliver satellites to orbit. The company doesn’t always recover the first stage of the rocket but usually makes an attempt to in the interest of perfecting the landing technology and bringing down launch and manufacturing costs.

In addition to making this proclamation Wednesday, Musk also released new photos and information about his Falcon Heavy rocket. It will be more than three times the size of the Falcon 9 rocket sitting in his neighbor's yard so he'll have to be extra careful about not losing that one.