The relentless query from your children asking, “Are we there yet?”, can grate on your nerves, especially on a long drive. Enter Tesla’s new “Joe Mode,” which comes with the latest V10 upgrade.

V10 is a massive upgrade that includes Joe Mode, Tesla Theater, Caraoke, Cuphead, Driving Visualization, Automatic Lane Change, Lane Change Visualization, Maps Improvements, Sentry Mode Improvements, Software Update Improvements and the Tesla V10 Application Launcher.

Joe Mode is a new feature that allows drivers to lower the volume of alerts and prompts while a Tesla electric vehicle (EV) is in motion. It sort of answers a request from one Tesla owner who asked for something to help him keep his children asleep during drives.

“Elon can we get the auto lane correction feature without sound? Young kids in car, want to keep feature on but not wake them up” tweeted @schristakos on July 28.

To this, Musk replied with introductory information about the new V10 feature on the same day.

“Hoping to get 'Joe Mode' into V10. The default, of course, is normal volume, but selecting “Joe Mode” would lower the volume of strident beeps & chimes by half,” tweeted Musk.

With the feature now available to all Teslas, Musk revealed that Joe Mode is probably one of the best additions to his fleet of electric cars.

“Joe Mode is the best mode,” he later tweeted.

Joe stands for what it’s always stood for: Mr. and Ms. Everybody.

Some Tesla pundits said the addition of Joe Mode will likely be a welcome feature among parents, especially those that regularly take trips with their young children or babies.

Besides Joe Mode, the V10 Update also features new entertainment options like "Cuphead" and "Theater Mode." There are also improvements to stop sign and traffic light recognition, highway Autopilot and Smart Summon.

But V10 isn’t just your ordinary upgrade. It’s a massive one released only on Sunday. 

V10 starts out the release notes with Cuphead. According to Tesla, “Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game inspired by cartoons of the 1930s and heavily focused on boss battles. For the Tesla Edition of Cuphead, enjoy the game’s full first Isle as you play as Cuphead or Mugman (in single player or in local co-op).

“Traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to The Devil!”

Musk says Cuphead is his favorite game.

Tesla Model S and X Soon, we'll see another SUV among these Tesla Models by 2020. Pictured: A picture taken on July 31, 2018 shows a Model S (L) and Model X (R) electric cars of US car maker Tesla parked on a parking in Oslo, Norway. - In the first half of 2018, Tesla has become the fourth company with the highest number of complaints to the Norwegian Consumer Council. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Pierre-Henry Deshayes

Tesla Theater is rightfully one of V10’s most anticipated features. It gives you the ability to watch videos when your Tesla is parked. Theater mode will allow a parked Tesla to stream videos from both YouTube and Netflix.

According to Tesla, “Tesla Theater lets you watch movies and videos when your car is in PARK and connected to WiFi. To launch the Tesla Theater, tap the new ‘Entertainment’ Icon in the Application Launcher and select the Theater tab.”

Here comes Tesla “Caraoke.”  Tesla says, “Sing karaoke to your favorite songs and artists in your car. You can select ‘Caraoke’ from the Media menu. Tap the microphone icon to adjust whether the vocal track plays while you sgn along.”

Tesla said you can play the tracks while driving. But Caraoke will only display the lyrics when the car is in park for safety reasons, naturally.