Tesla has started offering “chrome deleted” paintjobs as a standard for the Tesla Model Y. These Model Y types will have a matte black color in some parts that would usually be in chrome in other Tesla vehicles. Here’s what we know about this update.

According to Teslarati, the new Tesla Model Y units will come in chrome deleted colors upon release. Instead of the metallic white colors, the chrome deleted cars will have a matte black touch on its edges, door handles and other parts of the vehicle.

Normally, Tesla cars would have a chrome finish in these parts, which makes the Model Y a potential start of a new trend for Tesla cars.

Aside from starting a new trend, Tesla also seems to be paying attention to what customers do to their vehicles in the aftermarket. After buying a Tesla, many owners opt to purchase aftermarket parts to cover up the chrome features of the Tesla car.

The aftermarket add-ons cost around $1,000, and Tesla may have seen this as an opportunity to further show that their vehicle is truly a budget-friendly purchase. If this trend catches on, the chrome deleted colors might also be available for other Tesla vehicles such as the Model S, Model X and Model 3.

Tesla is reportedly planning to compete for the top spot in the SUV market with the Model Y. The company is aiming to take the no. 1 SUV spot from the Toyota RAV-4, which is the most affordable SUV in the market that also boasts some quality specs. The Tesla Model Y needs to come within the price range of this affordable SUV if it wants to compete head-on.

Other than its Toyota competition, Tesla Model Y is also expected to go head-to-head with some electric SUV rivals coming from Byton and Porsche.

Byton’s M-Byte and the Porsche Macan are expected to follow the Model Y as they’ll be released within the upcoming year.

For now, we’ll have to wait if the Tesla’s chrome deleted colors will catch on to its customers.