Mark Cuban expressed his views about Bobby Knight
Cuban, an Indiana University basketball fan, isn't bothered my Knight's comment. Reuters

During a segment on ESPN's College Game Day on Saturday at Baylor University, former head coach Bobby Knight, out of nowhere, decided to use foul language.

He called a certain defense he just saw, ...chicken s*** defense.

ESPN's Rece Davis later apologized for the profanity after the commerical break, while Knight was not respondent. The former head basketball coach was seen folding a piece of paper into squares and didn't look at that camera or at Davis.

Later, Knight's colleagues at ESPN shared their thoughts on Twitter.

Erin Andrews wrote: And thats why I love Coach Bobby quote of the yr..crying, I'm laughing so hard!

Jay Bilas wrote: We don't have an eight second delay on GameDay. I'm guessing the BYU job is out of the question for Coach Knight.

Another post from Bilas: Coming soon for coaches everywhere: Bob Knight's clinic on new developments in the Chicken @#$% Defense. Get your orders in early.

Mark Cuban, who doesn't work for ESPN, threw in his two cents in a recent interview: Who the **** cares?