Essential, the consumer electronics startup from Google Android creator Andy Rubin, is undergoing some executive turnover. This seems to be even more confirmation that the Essential Phone release date is still murky. 

Brian Wallace, vice president of marketing at Essential, left the company last week, according to Business Insider. Wallace has taken on a role at, a company founded by Black Eyed Peas musician, as its chief marketing officer.

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Andy Fouché, an advisor who also worked as Essential's head of communications, left the company last month, according to Business Insider. Previously, Wallace and Fouché worked at augmented reality startup Magic Leap, while Wallace also helped establish the "Next Big Thing" campaign for Samsung's U.S. smartphone launch.

While companies in the consumer electronics space regularly see some turnover, the departures come at a high-profile time for Essential. Earlier this year, the company debuted the Essential Phone, a flagship $700 smartphone with premium-tailored design (the body features a mix of ceramic and titanium) that aims to go head to head with competitors like Apple and Samsung.

At Code Conference in May, Rubin showcased the Essential Phone publicly.

Essential Phone Specs

Internally, the phone sports its share of high-end specifications, including a 2,560 x 1,312-pixel display and a Snapdragon 835 processor. It will also feature a modular-esque accessory system that includes add-ons like a 360-degree camera attachment.

The phone will be sold unlocked directly through Essential’s website, but among U.S. carriers, the company has only partnered up with Sprint. Within Canada, the company has a similar agreement with carrier Telus and is reportedly working to lock down additional partnerships with international carriers in Japan and Europe. Essential also announced plans to launch Home, a voice-controlled speaker-like device for smart home devices.

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But after missing its initial June U.S. launch date, Essential is playing catchup to bring its Essential Phone smartphone to market. At Code Conference, Rubin gave a loose release date for the phone, saying that it would ship around late June. Since missing that window, the company has remained relatively low key about the Phone. In an interview with the Financial Times, chief operating officer Niccolo de Masi said the smartphone’s U.S. launch would be imminent.

For Rubin, Essential is far from his first time in the smartphone market. Rubin joined Google when the search giant acquired startup Android in 2005. At Google, Rubin helped foster the growth and development of Android into a major mobile operating system. After leaving Google in 2014, Rubin launched additional projects like incubator Playground Global and explored ventures in fields like robotics and artificial intelligence.