Most businesses today invest significant time, effort, and money into their marketing efforts. For startups as well as more established companies, conventional wisdom says that this is the smart investment for a business trying to gain traction in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Establish PR Co-Founder Michael Hummel Discusses the Essentials of Building Online Authority
Establish PR Co-Founder Michael Hummel Discusses the Essentials of Building Online Authority Unsplash

Early in his career, Michael Hummel held a similar viewpoint – but now, the co-founder of Establish PR is on a mission to show companies around the world that there is a better way to grow their business. And his breakthrough began while he was running a former company.

“When I was first starting out, I faced a lot of problems initially and lost tens of thousands of dollars learning all this stuff,” Hummel says. “And then one day, it all clicked.”

When a story about his company was featured in Yahoo and AP News, Hummel immediately saw the impact that media exposure can have. Leveraging that initial article with a social media push created opportunities that he never thought possible.

“People started bringing up the fact that they saw the article and that was the reason they wanted to work with me over competitors,” Hummel said. “My sales team’s close rates shot up, almost every other metric improved. And I realized that PR allows the business owner to control the narrative.”

Controlling the narrative is a cornerstone of the Establish PR philosophy. With an experienced sales staff, a dedicated client success team, and connections to major publications and media outlets around the globe, Establish PR delivers unmatched results to their clients – creating a system that surpasses traditional marketing strategies.

According to Hummel, it all comes down to becoming an authority in your field. Once people know that they can trust you, working together is easy. Unfortunately, conventional marketing techniques often fail to build that necessary trust – leading companies to waste enormous resources on tactics that do not work.

“Is it really worth spending thousands of dollars on ads?” Hummel says. “You are trying to sell people on why you’re the best when they don’t know you or see you as an authority.”

Rather than encouraging clients to continually invest in low-performing marketing strategies, Hummel provides them with the platform they need to let their business speak for itself.

“What if when your prospective clients looked you up online, they saw you featured on well-known media publications like Forbes, USA Today, or the New York Post?” Hummel said. “Those stories explicitly outline why you are better than the competition and why they should work with you.”

For the team at Establish PR, it is about more than simply helping businesses scale. Their clients are doing meaningful, significant, and often life-changing work. Companies include those working on the cutting edge of medicine, finance, and technology – creating products and experiences that will benefit people worldwide.

All they need is help reaching their audience.

Establish PR provides the solution to this challenge, allowing their clients to grow their business, deliver incredible products with a greater reach, and become industry authorities. And best of all, they can invest more of their time and resources into what matters most: their own company.

After years of perfecting their methods, Hummel and Establish PR want to help other companies achieve similar success.

“I have been able to successfully grow multiple 7-figure companies,” Hummel says. “And we help thousands of businesses do the same in the process.”

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