Two-year old California startup Neuron EV, which calls itself a "visionary automotive company" intent on expanding the renewable energy transportation landscape, has revealed its first electric vehicles (EVs) it hopes will have the measure of Tesla's electric pickup and electric truck.

Neuron took the wraps-off its stylish and very futuristic looking "T/ONE" multipurpose all-in-one EUV (electric utility vehicle), and its "TORQ" electric semi-truck at the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) held from Nov. 5 to 10 at Shanghai, which also happens to be the location of Tesla's new Gigafactory 3. Neuron was founded by Edward Lee, CEO and President and Scott Zheng, co-founder.

Neuron said both these EVs feature a modular platform built on its proprietary "modular electric utility vehicle system." These EVs (which remind one of the Tesla pickup and Tesla truck) are built with upgradeable technology, have versatile cargo functionality, a luxury interior and eye-catching aerodynamics. In addition, the EVs were developed to reduce waste and be renewable solutions for the preservation of the environment.

In Neuron's modular electric utility vehicle system, the basic tractor unit is a scalable chassis with interchangeable body components that easily attach and detach. Modularity makes it easy to change the EVs appearance and functionality to suit the mission.

The electric drivetrain optimizes floor room and lowers the center of gravity. The result is an easy to drive platform. The cabin is shifted forward to enhance driving visibility while optimizing interior roominess.

Both electric trucks are driven by a multi-source propulsion system that draws power from an all-electric traction battery pack. They also come with a replaceable reserve power source and a removable solar panel truck bed cover. All these features support Neuron's emphasis on renewable energy, which is something Tesla EVs lack.

Safety from the driver's seat is enhanced by a panoramic 360° view generated by wireless digital cameras that feed visual data into the driver's monitor. Neuron said both EVs' intuitive vehicle interface application provides full operational control.

The interface app also allows any personal device plugged into the interior architecture to seamlessly replace all physical knobs and switches. Neuron says this clutter-free and open system is compatible with the latest gadgets and internet solutions.

Neuron EV concept electric pickup and truck
Neuron EV concept electric pickup and truck Neuron EV