• "Battlefield 2042" will feature large 128-player maps for PC and new-gen consoles.
  • The game will introduce a new Specialist class system that will expand upon the existing one
  • Violent weather events like tornadoes and sand storms can ravage an on-going match

After months of leaks, rumors, speculations and plenty of wishful thinking, the next “Battlefield” game has finally been revealed via a short trailer filled to the brim with references to the wild antics that “Battlefield” fans perform in-game.

The trailer also revealed some snippets of what the game has to offer. The new game, aptly named “Battlefield 2042,” is set in a semi-futuristic world that looks and feels similarly to “Battlefield 4” in terms of map design and overall tone. However, there are some more features that the trailer didn’t mention.

Here’s everything we know about “Battlefield 2042” so far.

128-Player Maps

Rumors of 64 vs 64 game modes have been confirmed, according to a post on the PS Blog. EA said that “Battlefield 2042” will support up to 128 players per match but only on PC and new-gen consoles. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will be limited to 64-player games only.

Orbital, one of the new BF2042 maps set in French Guiana
Orbital, one of the new BF2042 maps set in French Guiana Electronic Arts

“Battlefield 2042’s” new maps will be bigger to accommodate the larger player count and new mechanics will be put in place to make sure the action is concentrated in specific spots around the map.

Apocalyptic Weather

The game will have a weather system that can significantly change how a match plays out, similar to the typhoon in “BF4’s” Paracel Storm map but several times worse. “Battlefield 2042’s” premise revolves around “what-if” scenarios around a future where resources are scarce and the weather is out to kill everybody.

This kind of apocalyptic weather was shown in the trailer in the form of a giant tornado that ripped through the map. It’s unknown if every map will have this type of feature, however.


“BF2042” is introducing Specialist classes in lieu of the traditional class system. This new class system will introduce hero-like characters with their own names, backstories and personal gadgets similar to “Rainbow Six Siege,” PC Gamer has learned.

Every specialist will have access to every weapon in the game, but they will have certain gadgets that will be available only for them. For example, one Specialist will have access to a grappling hook while another can place down robotic turrets that will shoot enemies down. Additionally, weapons can now be modded on the fly similar to “Crysis.”

There will be 10 Specialists at launch and more will be added in the future.