• EA previously announced that it would hold an Alpha phase for the next "Battlefield" title
  • A new rumor may have revealed its Alpha release
  • EA has not yet shared the specific release date of the game's Alpha

EA and DICE's latest "Battlefield" offering is scheduled to officially launch this June. However, various details about the game, including its Alpha release window, setting and player count, have already been leaked online prior to its grand launch.

Industry insider Tom Henderson recently revealed some details about the Alpha of "Battlefield 6." Henderson has been consistently providing fans with leaks related to EA's upcoming title.

On Twitter, he wrote, "The #BATTLEFIELD Alpha should be July [sic], with the announcement being made at EA Play. Could be a [sic] 'Oh and the Battlefield Alpha is available to play right now' type of deal at the end of the event."

Henderson thought that the game's Alpha announcement could go live following EA Play. He seemingly suggested that fans would be able to play the next "Battlefield" title sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the insider did not offer any other details about the Alpha release of "Battlefield 6."

Battlefield V
The battle royale mode in Battlefield V will launch in March 2019. DICE

A few months ago, EA announced that the next "Battlefield" game would have an Alpha phase this year. Sadly, the video game publisher did not reveal when the said phase would happen. While fans previously speculated that it could be in May or June, it appears that the Alpha phase could happen next month.

Meanwhile, in another tweet, Henderson doubled down on the idea that "Battlefield 6" would feature a near-future setting. He also claimed that the game would take place after the events in "Battlefield 4." Interestingly, the insider seemed confident that the game would cover the next "World War."

Henderson also detailed that gamers would enjoy 128-player battles as an elite unit working for either America or Russia. Apparently, military and other combat forces from other parts of the world could be involved, offering diversity to the list of playable soldiers in-game. To top it all, Henderson claimed that classes in the next "Battlefield" game would achieve unique perks and abilities. This would apparently give them functionality similar to previous "Battlefield" titles.

Over the past months, Henderson has served as the go-to source in everything related to the next "Battlefield" game. It is worth noting, however, that these details are not official. Fans should therefore take these pieces of information with skepticism.

The next "Battlefield" title is currently in development and is set to release sometime this year.