The Big Alpha event for "Evolve" has been delayed for the PlayStation 4 version. 2K/BusinessWire

The Big Alpha event planned this weekend for “Evolve,” the upcoming cooperative multiplayer shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, has been delayed for the Sony PlayStation 4. The game’s developer cited a recent firmware update for the PS4 as the cause of the problem.

PlayStation and video game publisher 2K are said to be working on the issue that has prevented players from testing out "Evolve," which features four-versus-one asymmetrical multiplayer battles. Those playing on the PC and Microsoft’s Xbox One aren’t affected by the delay. As a consolation, Turtle Rock Studios has offered PS4 players access to the “Evolve” alpha through PC and Xbox One if they have access to those gaming platforms.

Even if users are able to get onto the PC version of “Evolve,” they may encounter some problems, namely matchmaking issues. These types of issues are generally expected with public alpha and beta tests, as participants discover bugs and glitches in the months before a game’s shipment and release date.

Unfortunately, it’s not the only problem linked to the PS4’s recent 2.0 firmware update. PS4 owners reported on Wednesday that the consoles wouldn’t wake from rest mode following the firmware update. Sony is reportedly investigating the issue.

“Evolve” is scheduled to be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Feb. 10, 2015.