Facebook is launching a new app that's designed to let you stay on top of the happenings in your Facebook groups and more easily communicate with group members.

It's simply called Facebook Groups. Not only will the app facilitate the various administrative tasks attached to groups -- joining them, viewing notifications, and such -- but it will offer a "Discover" tab for helping you find new groups you might want to join. You'll be able to drill down and identify groups you might want to join based on geography, your interests, or friends' membership in other groups.

Facebook's groups functionality is still going strong on desktop, so by no means is this a required installation. This app is aimed at Facebook users who would prefer to do everything on their phones, as group functionality inside the main Facebook app is less than graceful.

This is the latest in a spate of messaging-centric apps released by Facebook. Slingshot, Facebook's take on Snapchat, has yet to prove relevant. Rooms, an app that connects people anonymously for group conversations, finds itself in competition with Internet darling Reddit. And Facebook also released an app called Mentions, which lets public figures more easily engage with their mentions on the social network.