If you are one of the few people that feel entirely comfortable with the content of your Facebook Timeline, you can now make a short film of your life using the Time Movie Maker.

Facebook has teamed up with the marketing agency Definition 6 to produce an app that parses your timeline profile and puts together a 55-second short movie, which you can then share and publish on YouTube.

The Movie Maker is an incentive to encourage other companies to make use of the new Facebook timeline by developing more appealing apps.

The timeline is currently being pushed out as a mandatory feature of the social media site and will reach all users in a matter of weeks, according to a recent Facebook blogpost.

For those who still don't know what the Facebook timeline is, the clue is in the name. The new format of your profile makes your past more accessible, splitting events, posts, photos and shares under dates and years--from the day you were born to the present day.

When you upgrade your profile to the timeline, you will have seven days to review it before making it public. During this time you can feature or hide stories, and see all your activity through the activity log.

The change has kicked up a large furor among some users who are concerned about privacy measures. I've had my account for over 8 years I can't remember half of what I've posted in the past but I don't want people to dig it up, said Facebook user Laura Holmes.

How to Make your Movie

Visit the Timeline Movie Maker Site and click on the button that says Make Your Movie. You will then be asked for permission to access your Facebook timeline. The movie will then put together parts of your profile, including photos and video that will played to a soundtrack of your choice. The movie will not be posted on your profile automatically.