kabam.com: Godfather: Five Families

San Francisco-based interactive entertainment company Kabam announced on Thursday that it will come out with a title based on The Godfather movie trilogy for Facebook.

The new game has been licensed by Viacom's Paramount Pictures and takes place in New York City in the 1930s which is 10 years before the beginning of the first movie. Every player will be born into one of the five mob families featured in the films and must fight or plan their way to the top to become a don of a family.

The Godfather, unlike Mafia Wars and Farmville, plays out like a real-time strategy game. The players will team up with other players in real-time and create their own crime syndicate and working together to take down rival families.

We're bringing a hard-core Mafia experience to social games, Chris Carvalho, Kabam's chief operating officer and the former head of business development at Lucasfilm, told LA Times. We think there's a completely untapped audience for that.

Like most of the games on Facebook, Kabam's Godfather will be free. Larry Koh, the game's general manager, however confirmed that the company is planning to make money by selling virtual weapons or special abilities that could give players an added advantage over others.

kabam.com: Godfather: Five Families Screenshot

The terms and conditions of the game have been made confidential, but it has been estimated that around 25 employees will be involved once the game launches this fall, the LA Times reported.

Kabam was founded in 2006 by Kevin Chou, Michael Li, Holly Liu and Wayne Chan. The company originally focused on building community apps for sports and entertainment fans and amassed more than 25 million users on Facebook and other social networks.

Kabam had acquired WonderHill and has expanded from 100 to 200 employees.