• Ballistic fiber can be obtained from Sheepsquatches, military ammo bags and military-grade duct tape
  • Fort Defiance has an abundance of military ammo bags for players to loot
  • Military equipment can often be looted in abandoned army bases

Ballistic Fiber is a key crafting component for many high-end items in “Fallout 76.” More importantly, it’s one of the key ingredients used in repairing high-level armor pieces.

Keeping a stock of ballistic fiber handy is essential when roaming the wastelands of West Virginia. Any player who gets caught with their armor in poor condition will be easy prey for mutants and bandits alike. Unfortunately, ballistic fiber can be somewhat elusive, and they are relatively expensive too.

Here’s how to find ballistic fiber in “Fallout 76.”

Where to find ballistic fiber

This rare crafting material can be obtained by scrapping the following items:

  • Military ammo bag
  • Military-grade duct tape
  • Mysterious fur
  • Torn Mothman wing

The listed military equipment can be looted from army bases. Mysterious fur can be picked up from dead Sheepsquatches, while torn Mothman wings can be looted from Mothmen.

Sheepsquatches can be encountered in the Ash Heap, Cranberry Bog, the Mire and Savage Divide regions. They also spawn as boss enemies in the Primal Cuts, Project Paradise and Free Range public events.

Meanwhile, Mothmen are very rarely encountered and not all of them can be killed, which makes them unreliable sources of ballistic fiber.

Ballistic fiber farming locations

The best place to look for ballistic fiber is in Fort Defiance in the Cranberry Bog area. There are nine military ammo bags in the location, which will net players a total of 18 ballistic fibers if all of them are collected and scrapped.

Fort Defiance also has tons of other useful materials and profitable merchandise like mini nukes, straight jackets, stealth boys and power armor parts.

However, this is also one of the most popular spots to get ballistic fiber from. Should Fort Defiance already be looted, try server-hopping to reset the loot spawns.

Alternate locations include the following:

  • Camp McClintock – Forest
  • Converted Munitions Factory – Savage Divide
  • Forward Station Alpha – Cranberry Bog
  • Clancy Manor – Forest

Make sure to have the Scrapper perk equipped to get the most resources per item. A loot run with this perk equipped can help maximize profits from all the extra materials players can get, which can translate to more ballistic fiber should they decide to purchase some.

A full suit of power armor in Fallout 76
A full suit of power armor in Fallout 76 Bethesda