The father of Michael Jackson said on Monday in an interview that he did not believe series of concert stress killed his son.

Joe Jackson, Michael's father, also said last night he believes his son will be larger in death than he was in life.

Michael was the biggest superstar in the world and in history, the father told Fox News Channel's Geraldo at Large.

He was loved by everybody, whether poor or wealthy or whatever may be, Joe said.

While Canadian Stuart Backerman, who was Michael Jackson's close confidante and publicist from 2002 to 2004, told the Vancouver Sun Friday that he believed concert stress killed the pop star.

To be quite honest, his lifestyle, the anxiousness he has been under, and stress in terms of the concerts in London was too much for the King of Pop to handle, Backerman told the Sun newspaper.

He signed up for 50 concerts, tthat’s a lot for a guy who hasn't performed since 2001, he said.

Even in 2001 he could barely do two sets of 20 minutes at that Madison Square Garden (Motown) celebration. Since then he has not really practised, said Beckerman who handled Jackson's public affairs at the most difficult time in the pop star's life.

Michael Jackson was set to begin a series of 50 concerts on July 13 in London that could help him to pay for his tremendous debts.

He died on June 18 at 50 in Los Angeles and there was no word from the Jackson family on funeral plans.

Many of Jackson's relatives have gathered at the family's Encino compound to discuss further plans.