WBO female Super featherweight champion Ewa Brodnicka got slapped in the face after kissing her opponent during face-off.

Brodnicka is on her way to seal her 17th win and defend her title in a fight against Edith Soledad Matthysse in Poland. And like any other combat sports event, the two had to do a face-off before going toe-to-toe inside the ring.

However, during the face-off between the two female fighters, champion Brodnicka went to extreme lengths in trying to intimidate her opponent. Instead of giving Matthysse a hunting look in the face, Brodnicka stunned her by kissing her on the lips as soon as their faces went inch-close to each other. As a result, Brodnicka got a slap for her troubles.

The controversial weigh-in created quite a buzz in boxing recently and reports claim that the champ really intended to kiss her opponent in the hope to disgust her ahead of the fight. In fact, Brodnicka was even smiling as she pulled away in an attempt to wind up her challenger.

Apparently, Brodnicka’s act worked a little too well as Matthysse instantly delivered a slap on the the champ's cheek.

Looking at the video footage, it appeared that Brodnicka didn't expect the reaction from Matthysse as a scuffle broke out between the pair.

The promoter can be seen initially laughing after witnessing the kiss but after a few seconds, he realized that Matthysse was not impressed. He then began to intervene to make sure the tension didn't boil over as both fighters started to shove one another, with Brodnicka attempting to throw a slap of her own. Despite the quick response from the event security, the two already laid hands on each other before they got finally separated.

Brodnicka has an undefeated record of 16-0. But despite having a stellar career in boxing, she remains open to pursue a career in modeling, specifically with adult magazine “Playboy,” World Boxing News reported.

“That’s a question for Playboy. I used to think about it. I would probably even be happy with such a proposal, but now I do not care about it. If there was a proposal, then I would consider it,” Brodnicka told Polish reporters.

Matthysse on the other hand, has a boxing record of 16 wins and 10 defeats. She is the sister of the former WBA “regular” welterweight champion Lucas Matthysse, a former foe of legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao. Despite being a sister of a former world champion, her claim to fame was defeating Jelena Mrdjenovich in 2015 by a highly unlikely unanimous decision to become the unified Jr. lightweight champion.

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