Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" director Hajime Tabata has opened up about his and his team's plans once the game is finally released. YouTube/PlayStation

Final Fantasy XV has been released after nearly a decade in development, and it’s no secret that the game’s team at Square Enix changed a lot about the experience during that time. If a leak originally posted on 4chan is to be believed, there were many elements scrapped even in the project’s later stages. A former employee touched on multiplayer, boss forms and Luna’s controversial plot.

The leak itself has since been deleted, but it’s recapped by Final Fantasy Peasant on YouTube. While the source claims to have worked with the company for two years, take what you’re about to read with a sizeable grain of salt.

First and foremost was mention of a cut multiplayer component. “I think one of the concepts behind it was a scoring system based on exploring dungeons or killing enemies with multiple people”, it was suggested. It’s also assumed this content might return to the game in the multiplayer suite announced for the Holiday Pack DLC. While maybe not based on the exact same idea, Square has officially said the mode will involve “new online adventures with each of the game’s main protagonists.”

That, of course, is just the beginning. While those who played through the entire campaign will likely recall the final boss fight against Ardyn, it apparently wasn’t supposed to end so abruptly. The battle was expected to be a lot longer, but the “final form got cut earlier this year.”

Similarly unsatisfying was the game’s seemingly tacked-on inclusion of summons. If this leak is to be believed, we might have an answer as to why the feature feels so unnecessary. “The game didn’t focus on summons much,” it was alleged. “Instead there were actual gods that didn’t appear physically.” “One of the gods was the main antagonist of the original Final Fantasy game.” That would certainly explain the surprising “Throne Of Chaos” in Chapter 0.

Possibly most shocking of all these reveals, however, is the case of Luna. Many Final Fantasy XV players hoped she would play a bigger role in the story, and it seems there may have been social reasons for why that didn’t happen. “There were references to the heroine being abused by other characters,” the leak claimed. Other scenes featured her crying and discussing her main goal in life of meeting her husband. The content was later “considered problematic because the game carried a bad reputation for how it treated female characters." Ergo, it was removed.

In past trailers there are implications a character resembling Caligo attacking who Luna would become, so maybe that was a hint of the plotline’s origins

The full leak contained many more details, and those are recapped in the video above. The chat focuses on removed environments, characters and levels. This includes a Dark World version of Lestallum that was supposedly finished for the endgame.

Final Fantasy XV is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out our guide full of tips, tricks and rewards.

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