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Your home and your car are your most valuable assets, so getting them insured is of utmost importance. JayMantri / Pixabay

Owning a home and car is a wonderful achievement, especially since these things are the fruits of your hard work. However, your responsibilities doesn't end with just acquiring assets, you need to be responsible and protect it with the right kind of home and auto insurance.

The importance of insurance

While incredibly important, insurance can get pretty expensive all-too quickly. unsplash (CC0)

Just like with life insurance, home and auto insurance serve as your safety net for the long-term. These will help protect you from unforeseen expenses in case of an unfortunate event, such as a car accident or property damage.

The usual problem is choosing the right type of insurance for your needs and budget. With so many insurance providers -- each with their own set of policies, coverage and costs, it can be difficult to decide on which one. Even more difficult is that payments tend to get expensive real quick so it's important you do your research early.

Insurance comparison tools enable you to compare insurance rates but also help you find the perfect insurance package for your needs. One such tool is Gabi Insurance.

Best insurance comparison tool

Gabi is a free online tool for anyone looking to pay cheaper insurance.

Founded in San Francisco back in 2016, Gabi was created to help customers save money by finding them more affordable deals for different types of insurance. Free and easy-to-use, it is licensed in all 50 states and is able to help 70% of its users by saving as much as $961 on average annually.

While other insurance comparison tools will simply provide quotes and make you compare it yourself, Gabi goes the extra mile by doing the comparisons for you. This lets you get the best and most affordable insurance options quicker.

Multiple quotes in minutes

With a 4.8-star rating and operating as a BBB-accredited business, Gabi simplifies the usual lengthy process that will have you signing long, complicated forms and questionnaires or taking a cold call from a customer service representative.

The process is as easy as linking your current insurance plan or sending them a PDF of your current coverage. From there, Gabi will use your information and compare up to 20 different quotes from various insurance providers then let you purchase the one with the lowest price directly from them. In order to do this, Gabi partners with more than 40 insurers to help get multiple quotes for both coverage and rates. In addition, Gabi’s network also offers quotes for home insurance, landlords, renters and even umbrella insurance.

Completely free, Gabi looks for the best and cheapest quotes from reputable insurance providers.

But what if Gabi isn’t able to find a cheaper insurance than what you currently have? In addition to immediately informing you, Gabi will also create an account to store your insurance information and continue searching for savings every day. There’s no need to worry about getting spammed with phone calls and emails as Gabi will only contact you when it finds a cheaper quote. Since prices fluctuate and change daily, this is incredibly useful.

Another cool feature is its referral program. For every friend you refer to Gabi who signs up and gets a quote, you can get an Amazon gift card worth $25. Qualifying is as simple as making sure your friend is a first-time user and has proof of an existing insurance.

Ease of use

The Gabi system and interface are incredibly easy to use from start to finish. The UI design is both inviting and simple and answers to questions you may have are straightforward.

A quick infographic of how Gabi Insurance works.

Signing up is also hassle-free and only requires basic information to complete. Once inside your account, all the information you need such as available quotes and insurers are all easily available. Gabi’s system is as user-friendly as it can get, making computer and mobile access a walk in the park.

Excellent customer support

By logging into your account, you can also directly chat with an insurance agent or email Gabi at Purchasing insurance from Gabi also gets you a dedicated Gabi advisor, who can answer questions that you may have about your new policy and to ensure an easy and seamless transition.


Some of the benefits from using Gabi as an insurance comparison tool.

Gabi is free to use and while you can finalize buying new policies through the platform, Gabi doesn’t charge you directly and your payment goes straight to the insurance company. Of course, Gabi only works with top, established and reputable companies for your peace of mind.

Overall verdict

For a free insurance tool, Gabi certainly provides a wealth of useful tools and features. Unlike other insurance comparison tools, Gabi prioritizes its customers and is dedicated to looking for the cheapest and best insurance options suited to their needs.

Gabi’s simple and effective approach in modernizing shopping for insurance is a great solution for anyone who wants better insurance options but doesn’t have the time to do research. There’s a good chance that you’ll be saving tons of money and you will also feel confident knowing that there are always cheaper options, as well as a tool made to specifically assist you.

Learn more about Gabi and get your free quote today by simply clicking here.