In North America, crypto-friendly banks are dwindling with the most prominent collapsing. An executive order from Biden and other coordinated moves by the FDIC and Federal Reserve are influencing traditional banks to prevent crypto from entering the mainstream market. Events such as these have left crypto based organizations without financial services.

As a globally recognized institution, EQIBank acknowledges the importance of providing equal opportunities and inclusive banking solutions for the crypto sector. By leveraging its extensive network and expertise, EQIBank empowers crypto companies by breaking down the barriers that hinder their access to USD banking services.

How EQIBank Serves Digital Asset and Crypto
How EQIBank Serves Digital Asset and Crypto Companies With Innovative Banking Solutions Pixabay

Through comprehensive custody and Over The Counter (OTC) options, EQIBank is bridging the gap between the conventional financial system and the ever-evolving crypto industry. Clients can utilize their integrated services to access markets, exchange fiat for crypto, and complete instant transfers. This transformative initiative is a much-needed lifeline for businesses navigating the increasingly complex banking landscape. It ensures that crypto enterprises can overcome challenges associated with the current financial system.

The concept of how banks function and make money feeds into a vicious cycle of loss and instability. Risky lending practices and other behaviors have influenced the stock market crash, the 2007 Global Financial Crisis, and recent bank runs. In the US, banks with up to $175 billion in deposits crumbled. In Europe, a global investment bank with over 166 years in business collapsed suddenly. Thisconvinced the public that any bank is a dangerous place to do business. To evolve the $540 trillion industry, EQIBank, the world's first global digital banking provider, is redesigning the industry and alleviating these problems.

Founded in 2015 by a team with over 150 years of experience, EQIBank is disrupting the fragmented industry. They are operating in over 180 countries and handling 100 plus currencies. They are also utilizing a transactional approach to cultivating revenue. CEO Jason Blick sees EQIBank's decision not to make profits through lending client funds as a significant reason they have become so successful.

"EQIBank is considered one of the world's safest banks and has a Capital Adequacy Ratio of 80%, approximately 10 times better than the average US bank." says CEO Jason Blick.

Through its advanced banking infrastructure and commitment to innovation, EQIBank solidifies its position as a pioneer in crypto-friendly banking, enabling businesses and individuals to thrive in an evolving financial landscape. EQIBank enables clients to trade, borrow, custody, and invest to fulfill their aspirations. They are the only offshore banking institution to place OTC transaction funds directly on cards or into bank accounts and offer custody for digital assets.

EQIBank has quickly become the fastest-growing digital bank in the world. They've received numerous awards, including Digital Bank of the Year in 2022 and Most Innovative Use of Blockchain In Banking. EQIBank's team is concentrated on re-engineering the concept of financial institutions. They are expanding upon necessary services and bringing those solutions to the market.

EQIBank has built a successful reputation since its establishment and envisions many more milestones in the future. EQIBank increased the number of clients by over 350% and many of their lines of business are growing up to 10% per month. EQIBank is especially proud of their OTC desk which is growing at over 131% per annum.

As EQIBank gains more footing on the international stage, it will stay resolute in its mission to redesign the banking industry by raising the standard for financial institutions.