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Flickr, one of the world’s most popular photo sharing and storage sites, has just turned 10. The site began life as a startup in 2004 at a small space in Vancouver. About a year later, Flickr had amassed a loyal user base around 1 million strong. That attracted the attention of media conglomerate Yahoo!, which purchased Flickr for $35 million in 2005.

These days, Flickr users number more than 92 million and post a million photos a day from smartphones and DSLRs. The site’s traffic has more than doubled since they gave every user one terabyte of free storage space. However, before that, the site was in danger as rival photo-sharing service Instagram rose to fame. Yahoo!’s Marissa Meyer responded to users pleading for an updated Flickr site to combat mobile competitors.

One of the other draws of Flickr is the number of photo communities it cultivates: There are 2 million groups on the site, spread across 60+ countries.

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