A passenger aboard an AirAsia flight in Malaysia took to Twitter on Thursday to share a video of a senior flight attendant giving out hilarious safety instructions prior to the departure.

In the video, the flight attendant can be heard saying, “In case of an emergency, please leave behind all belongings…your boyfriend…your girlfriend…and then leave the aero plane.”

He then goes on to say, “In case of a fire, always remember to ‘tunduk…tunduk…tunduk’ (bow, bow, bow) and use the illumination on the floor to guide your way out,” World Of Buzz reported.

“These emergency instructions are made available on the safety leaflet placed in the back pocket. Please read them carefully. There are many interesting pictures in them… except mine,” the attendant added. “We would like to remind you that this is a non-smoking flight, and smoking in the lavatory will trigger the fire alarm,” before making a beeping sound.

The passenger also posted a video just before the flight landed in which the attendant thanks the passengers for traveling with the airline.

“Thank you AirAsia and Khalid for making our one hour flight worthwhile,” the passenger wrote on Twitter.

The video went viral with several people praising the flight attendant.

“If it made your day, you should praise the crew through the airline's website. It would help them a lot knowing that the airline knows the flight attendants are doing their best for the passengers,” one person wrote.

The flight attendant himself responded to the video by asking if he could use the video for his performance record.

Air Asia
Representational image of an Air Asia flight before take-off from Bangalore airport, southern Indian state of Karnataka, March 8, 2018. MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty Images