As Ford’s (F) electric vehicle charging stations were spotted at a dealership, EV fans took the opportunity to criticize the automaker, claiming it copied the design of its rival Tesla’s (TSLA) Superchargers.

In a Twitter post, one social media user posted a photo of Ford’s charging stations pointing out that they were now open at a dealership in Dover, Delaware, calling them a Supercharger – the same name that Tesla uses for its charging stations by remarking on its likeness to the competitor.

Ford is deploying Level 2 AC charging stations, while Tesla has a series of DC fast chargers dubbed Superchargers.

One Twitter user remarked on the difference between the charging capability between Ford and Tesla charging stations, saying, “The saddest part is that these are just fancy-looking Level 2 AC chargers.”

Other fans of Tesla were quick to join in on slamming Ford.

One Twitter user, Javier Verdura, whose account says he is a director of product design at Tesla, called the Ford charging station a “knock-off” design.

Another Tesla fan mocked Ford by calling the “copycat” design “shameless.”

Another social media post said, “could they look more like tesla's if they tried?”

Another said the charger looked like it was ordered from “Wish.”

Tesla has a network of over 20,000 Superchargers globally, while Ford is just rolling out its charging network as it gears up to release its electrified F-150 Lightning pickup truck in 2022 and deliver more Mustang Mach Es.

As of Wednesday at 11:26 a.m. EST, shares of Ford were trading at $20.25, up 5 cents, or 0.22%, while shares of Tesla were trading at $1,122.89, up $13.86, or 1.25%.

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Ford voluntarily recalled 370,000 vehicles due to severe corrosion which could lead to steering control loss. Reuters