FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has remained trading between 1.4235 and 1.4290 during European session, after pullback from Thursday's high at 1.4350. At the moment of writing, Euro moves around 1.4265 after having been rejected at 1.4290.

According to Stoyan Mihaylov, technical analyst at Deltastock.com, the Euro needs to break above 1.4348 to renew overall uptrend: Yesterday's peak at 1.4348 completed the rise from 1.4177, so the pair is again in ranging mode in the 1.4310-4207 area. A break above 1.4348 will renew the overall uptrend for 1.4444, en route to 1.4650.

Resistance levels, according to Mihaylov, lie at 1.4344, and above here, 1.4444 and 1.4653. Support levels are 1.4253, 1.4111 and 1.4006.