Epic Games is rolling out a new update for “Fornite.” V3.4 brings a lot of new content to the co-op sandbox survival game, including Vending Machines.

On Wednesday, the Fortnite Team announced on the official Epic Games website that V3.4 Content Update has started rolling out. The update is said to come with a new limited-time event and some new items.

The limited-time event is called High Explosives v2 and it is only available in Battle Royale. In this mode, players can use Remote Explosives and Guided Missiles for some BOOM-ing action.

Epic Games is also introducing Vending Machines in Battle Royale. If players have some materials to spare, they can spend them at this electronic equipment to obtain various deals in return. The developer said that Vending Machines are scattered in many locations across the island, and players are encouraged to try them out as soon as possible.

Eurogamer has learned that the Vending Machine has one offer available for each material type. The cost is said to be based on the rarity of the item. Players should take note that Common items cost 100 materials, while Uncommon items require 200 materials. On the other hand, Rare, Epic and Legendary items cost 300, 400 and 500 materials, respectively.

With V3.4, players will find a device called the Easter Egg Launcher in Save the World mode. Epic Games said the new device will keep things egg-splosive. This Launcher apparently throws explosive eggs to the ground that only detonate once the enemy is nearby. Players are allowed to shoot a maximum of 6 active eggs at a time.

The Fortnite team also promised that Content Updates will henceforth be a bi-weekly thing. “Starting this week, we are doing things a little differently. Every other week we will drop new content without the need for an update. These will be called Content Updates,” the team wrote.

According to the Fortnite team, the new cadence of their updates will allow them to address complex bugs found in the game without compromising their goal of rolling out new content regularly.

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