Google Doodle celebrates 2011 American Independence Day
Google Doodle celebrates 2011 American Independence Day, July 4, 2011 Google

Google Doodle celebrated the Fourth of July – the Independence Day of America, by portraying a colorful map of United States of America with monumental and iconic figures across the country.

Today is 235 years after the country has adopted the Declaration of Independence document and it has become the national holiday to remember American virtues and the country's Founding Fathers. People gather with their neighbors for a time off, have some BBQ, and watch the fireworks to celebrate the country's independence.

While today’s Google Doodle lacked interaction or some flashy animation that were present in some recent Doodles, it paid a handsome tribute to the country by revealing the map of the country in a creative way.

“From sea to shining sea, a very happy Fourth to everyone. Click on our homepage doodle for lots more July 4,” tweeted Google this morning.

The Doodle starts with the Pacific Ocean and an island of Hawaii in the left, followed by the Golden Gates Bridge of San Francisco right next to it. Then it takes you to a horse wearing a cowboy hat (presumably Texas), a barn, baseball, Willis Tower (formerly the “Sears Tower”), an orange, and a bald eagle, before finally reaching the Statue of Liberty and the Atlantic Ocean in the far right. There is a fireworks display in the top right corner to celebrate the Independence Day.

Clicking the Doodle will direct you to a search result page with “Fourth of July” as the keyword.

Happy Independence Day everyone!