Three Foxconn Electronics workers have been arrested and charged for leaking an iPad 2 design, according to a report from DigiTimes, which cites a Chinese-language site,

The three workers are said to have been charged with violating trade secrets regulations by releasing the iPad 2 design ahead of its release. The arrests were made on Dec. 26, but charges were not filed until March 23.

A number of reports note that iPad 2 cases were available at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, which means that the accessory makers had access to at least some of the specifications.

Foxconn, a division of Hon Hai Precision Industries, builds iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks for Apple. The company also produces electronics for Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and other companies.

Controversy hit Foxconn - and by extension Apple - last year when several workers committed suicide because of poor working conditions. Since then Foxconn announced pay increases and pledged to improve conditions for workers, the vast majority of whom work on-site.

It is not clear yet what penalties the workers could face or when a trial will take place.