Gabriel Gonzaga astonished the audience when he fought violently Chris Tuchscherer at the UFC 102 event Saturday night at Rose Garden.

It got so bad that one of the UFC pay-per-view broadcast cameramen outside the fence, flinched and wiped his face after his cheek was with spattered with blood, wrote John Canzano from The Oregonian in a review.

The fight between Gonzaga and Tuchscherer stood out from the rest when Gonzaga kicked Tuchscherer directly to the groin and floored him for nearly five minutes.

Tuchscherer restarted the fight but almost immediately he went down again with a punch. Gonzaga kept a tireless onslaught on him reportedly throwing 75 blows onto his opponent until the referee Sean Gregory stepped in to end the fight and declared him the winner just at 2:27 minutes of the first round. target=_blank>Click here to watch Gonzaga's interview after the fight.