Samsung officially unveiled its newest wearable, the Galaxy Watch Active 2. While designed to look like the first Galaxy Watch Active, the new smartwatch has been enhanced with some capabilities that make it a direct competitor to the Apple Watch.

The South Korean tech giant’s new Galaxy Watch Active 2, launched six months after the first model was released, might cost more than the first one (at $279 for the non-LTE version compared to the $199 Galaxy Watch Active), but it comes with a slew of new features that will make people with active lifestyles want to get one -- especially if they’re turned off by the Apple Watch’s at least $399 price tag.

 First, the new Galaxy Watch Active 2, which will go on sale starting Sept. 27, features a built-in electrocardiogram or ECG (or EKG) like the Apple Watch. Those who purchase the wearable won’t be able to use it yet, though, as Samsung is still waiting for clearance to use it. The Korean tech giant will release updates that will allow it to be used once it gets the green light.

The new Galaxy Watch Active 2 also features an enhanced heart-rate monitor. The heart-rate monitor now has four more LEDs in addition to the four found on the first model, allowing the device to determine heart rate faster and more accurately.

There’s also a new accelerometer that measures up to 32G of force, alliowing the device to monitor movements better. These new upgrades, CNet noted, are similar to what the Apple Watch Series 4 received, and might allow the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to detect if its wearer has fallen and is unable to get up. This feature is called fall detection.

Other notable features

Aside from the health features, Samsung also decided to give the Galaxy Watch Active 2 some neat features now found on the first model.

Unlike the first model, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a digital touch bezel that can be used to navigate around the device’s apps and functions. This is done by swiping a finger on the bezel towards the edge of the smartwatch’s sleek body.

Users will also find customizing the Galaxy Watch Active 2 very fun to do. Aside from offering a variety of straps that will make the watch look good, users can also take photos of what they are wearing, and the watch will create watch faces based on the photo.

Galaxy Watch Galaxy Watch Photo: Samsung Newsroom