• Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a built-in ECG
  • The feature hasn't been activated yet, however
  • Samsung says it needs more time to be able to provide stable ECG service

Samsung has announced, to the dismay of its fans, that the ECG function for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be delayed as it may need time before it can be capable of providing “stable service.”

Korean tech giant Samsung released a good contender to the Apple Watch in the form of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the successor to the first Galaxy Watch Active. The wearable boasts of having many features similar to Apple's device, but makes it all available via a lower selling price.

One of the key features that made the Galaxy Watch Active 2 a must-buy for Samsung and non-Samsung fans is the inclusion of a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) similar to the one on the Apple Watch. Considering how the Apple wearable was credited with helping save lives through the health feature, the addition of such a spec to the affordable Samsung device meant it will appeal to many.

Tizenhelp reported that although the feature wasn't activated at the time the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was released, many users bought it in the hope of being able to enjoy the feature at a lower price. Samsung promised to activate it within Q1 2020 anyway. But now that the first quarter is ending, the feature isn't here yet, causing many fans to complain and express dismay via the internet:

“ I want my money back or at least some of it,” one user complained via Reddit.


Thankfully, Samsung didn't sweep the issue under the rug. According to someone who claimed to be the “person in charge of the operation of Samsung Health Service,” the company is “currently preparing for the electrocardiogram service through Galaxy Watch Active 2,” noting that the reason for the delay is because “it may take time to provide stable service.”

The statement from the person in charge didn't include a potential release date or window. “[W]e will notify you when service is available. Thank you,” the person in charge simply said.

Still one of the best

Despite lacking the ECG functionality, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 continues to be one of the best non-Apple wearables in the market today. It features an enhanced heart rate monitor, a new accelerometer for better monitoring of movement, a digital touch bezel, and more.

Galaxy Watch Galaxy Watch Photo: Samsung Newsroom