Game of Drones
The "world's toughest sports action drone" Marque Cornblatt

They describe themselves as half science, half "Skynet," and claim to have created the world’s toughest action-sports airframe, one that can withstand a fall from 400 feet, fly through flames, smash through glass and withstand shotgun blasts.

See the incredible footage here:

They are Marque Cornblatt and Eli Delia, and they not only have created this indestructible drone but also aim to build an aerial drone combat league, which, as Cornblatt said in an email to International Business Times, “emerged out of our underground drone fight club.”

See drones do battle here.

They run the aptly named website and like to think of themselves as a drone think tank that will “attempt to ‘de-claw’ the scary new tech by empowering users to create their own drone uses,” wrote Cornblatt in his email. And they aim to do this with help from Kickstarter, where they have already raised more than $8,000 of their target $25,000.

More insane testing here.

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