• New "Genshin Impact" leaks include 17 new achievements
  • Most of these achievements revolve around the new "Hangout" quests
  • Some achievements also point toward the game's main story

The official devstream for “Genshin Impact” recently concluded, revealing a lot of new and official information about the game’s incoming content. However, these also came with a fresh new batch of leaks that data miners were able to get their hands on.

Among the leaks, a total of 17 new achievements was uncovered. “Genshin Impact” data miner HoneyDodogama tweeted a list containing all of the new achievements, including their completion requirements and subsequent primogem rewards.

The completion requirements for each of the achievements seem to be quite straightforward unlike the ones in the Challenger Series lines. Players should be able to obtain these achievements naturally by just completing the new events and story quests.

Most of the new achievements revolve around completing the new dating sim-type “Hangout” quests involving four of the game’s playable characters: Noelle, Barbara, Chongyun and Bennett. These quests will feature multiple endings and will delve deeper into each character’s background.

The ability to achieve multiple endings per story suggests that they can be replayed any number of times. And since the achievements state that each story is just a prologue, this may mean that these characters will eventually get even more stories related to them.

The leaked achievement list also refers to a boss battle against the Abyss Herald, one of the previously data mined enemies from the previous month. The Herald is able to manipulate the Hydro element, and according to even more leaks, they will be able to extend the cooldown times of abilities if players get hit while their skills are on cooldown.

The presence of the Abyss Herald suggests more of the game’s primary story will be revealed in the 1.4 update. The new enemy was previously mentioned in the previous main story quest at the beginning of the 1.3 patch, where players had to travel with Dainsleif in search of an Abyss Herald.

The new “We Will Be Reunited” achievement also points to a new story quest, hinting at the possibility of the players encountering the main character’s twin sibling.

The 1.4 update for “Genshin Impact” will release on March 17.

An overlook view of Monstadt, the City of Freedom, Genshin Impact An overlook view of Monstadt, the City of Freedom, in Genshin Impact. Photo: Genshin Impact