• "Genshin Impact" gets new characters in Update 1.4
  • Mihoyo confirmed Rosaria's arrival
  • Two new characters recently discovered through data mining

Over the weekend, Chinese game developer miHoYo confirmed that the heavily rumored character Rosaria is arriving in "Genshin Impact" via Update1.4. Interestingly, data miners uncovered two new five-star characters that players could soon meet in the hit gacha title.

On Twitter, reliable industry insider zluet shared new information about Eula and Shenhe, the rumored five-star characters recently discovered through data mining. This is the first time that fans encounter Eula, which according to the leak, is a five-star Cryo Claymore. Apparently, she could be used in-game as a Physical DPS. 

So far, Chongyun is the only cryo claymore user available in the hit gacha game. Although Chongyun is a mid-tier character, his element and weapon combo enables him to work well with other Party characters. Nothing is revealed about how Eula would differ from Chongyun, but there is a high possibility that there might be parallels.

Character Teaser - "Hu Tao: Scared Yet?" | Genshin Impact Hee-hee, did I scare you? Eh? My appearance is less of a shock, and more of a pleasant surprise? Mm... Then, should I call this a farcical failure — or a splendid success? Photo: Gebshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

In addition to Eula, the insider also introduced another character named Shenhe. She is another five-star Cryo Vision character expected to launch in "Genshin Impact" very soon. She was leaked last year and was first rumored as a Cryo Claymore user. Apparently, Shenhe would be launched as a Cryo DPS. 

There is also a chance that she would be changed into a Catalyst or a Polearm user. This speculation aligns with what folks at the Baidu Tieba believe. The insider also speculated that since there are too many Polearm users in "Genshin Impact," the possibility of Shenhe launching as a Catalyst user is much higher.

Meanwhile, miHoYo held a live stream for "Genshin Impact" 1.4 on March 6. The event, which is available below, centered on the next big update launching in the game soon. The live stream revealed new banners, events, story content and characters launching in the game. 

It also confirmed the launch of Rosaria. The gaming studio also announced Venti and Tartaglia re-runs. In other words, players will have a higher chance of pulling them through the game's Wish System.

"Genshin Impact" is available on Pc, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices. The game is also in development for PS5 and Nintendo Switch.