• The Windtrace rerun will be available until Jan. 27
  • Reward caps will be increased over the course of the event
  • Some aspects of the game were changed for balancing purposes

The limited-time “Prop Hunt”-style game mode for “Genshin Impact” is back, and it’s brought some new maps for Hunters and Rebels to play around in as well as some balance changes to make each round more fun and less frustrating.

Windtrace was first introduced back in May 2021 during Patch 1.5, where it was met with fairly positive reception from the game’s many fans who have been looking for a nice change of pace. Those who missed the event the first time will be able to experience it once they reach AR 20 and finish the Ritou arc of the main story quest in Inazuma.

Windtrace Rerun Event

Much of the mechanics from Windtrace’s first run remain in place in the rerun. In each round, there will be one Hunter tasked with capturing Rebels who have the ability to morph into random props located around the map.

However, a few restrictions were put in place in response to feedback for the first Windtrace event. Characters like Mona and Ayaka will no longer be able to use their special sprint abilities to blend in with the environment, and the Hunter will now start with their vision obscured on top of having their maximum stamina reduced.

Five new maps have been added to the game mode, and all of them are based in Inazuma.

Genshin Impact's Inazuma is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking scenes
Genshin Impact's Inazuma is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking scenes Genshin Impact

Windtrace Event Tips – Hunter

When playing as the Hunter, it’s best to keep an eye on any props that seem out of place. More importantly, keep an eye on any NPCs as players might be hiding among them.

The Mysterious Hunch ability is great for finding hidden Rebels as it points the Hunter toward where other players could be hiding.

Windtrace Event Tips – Rebel

Now that Hunters have less stamina, knowing when and where to run away as a Rebel is more important. When being chased by the Hunter, try to break the line of sight, then immediately swap to a different prop. This can throw pursuers, possibly clutching the win on a game gone wrong.

Additionally, make use of elevated hiding spots. Forcing Hunters to climb means they’ll have less stamina for sprinting when push comes to shove.

The Windtrace rerun will be available until Jan. 27.