• Noelle can heal, shield and deal damage effectively depending on her build
  • Stacking DEF and Geo damage can greatly boost Noelle's DPS
  • The Husk of Opulent Dreams set can keep gaining stacks as long as players are attacking enemies

“Genshin Impact’s” Noelle has always been a solid choice as a DPS unit for the vast majority of team comps out there. Despite her appearance, she can deal some monstrous damage when built properly and supported by the right characters.

With the slew of new content introduced over the past year, Noelle’s damage potential can be pushed even further. Players who want their lovely maid to reach new heights may want to try out some of the new artifacts and characters to go together with Noelle, especially if she’s the main DPS character of a party.

Here’s an updated guide on how to play and build DPS Noelle in “Genshin Impact 2.4.

DPS Noelle Build

The Retracing Bolide set remains one of the best artifact sets for a DPS build on Noelle ever since launch. However, this set’s damage boost only becomes active whenever its wearer is shielded. This is typically ignored since Noelle can generate so many shield crystals while her ultimate is active, but not even this guarantees 100% shield uptime.

[Genshin] Noelle is great at protecting allies and defeating enemies
Noelle is great at protecting allies and defeating enemies Genshin Impact

On the other hand, the Husk of Opulent Dreams set’s passive activates every time its wearer deals Geo damage, granting them a stacking DEF and Geo DMG buff for a few seconds. This effect only activates once every 0.3 seconds, but this is negligible since Noelle deals purely Geo damage when her ultimate is active. In theory, the artifact set’s damage boost can stack infinitely.

A Husk set with a high concentration of DEF and CRIT stat can result in larger damage gains for Noelle in stretched-out fights.

Pair this with the new Redhorn Stonethresher and watch those ridiculously-high damage numbers fly off of Noelle’s sword of light.

Best Team Comps

Yun Jin is basically a must-have for auto attack-centric carries like Noelle. She will not only grant extra attack damage with her Elemental Burst, but she can also activate Geo resonance, granting even more damage and shield strength.

The most important part of a Noelle DPS team is an energy battery. Someone like Albedo or Gorou is great for generating extra energy for Noelle so she can use her Elemental Burst off-cooldown. Even someone like the Raiden Shogun or Fischl can be used as a substitute energy battery. Make sure to use Favonius weapons to generate even more energy, which will result in higher damage uptime.