• The event mainly focuses on combat and proper use of buffs and team synergies
  • This event can be somewhat hard for newer players
  • Players only need Silver medals to get all the Primogem rewards

The first limited event for “Genshin Impact” in 2022 is here, and players can expect to get their hands a little dirty in some combat-focused domain encounters.

Those who have experienced other combat events like 2.1’s Hyakunin Ikki should be familiar with how 2.4’s A Study In Potions event works, though this one may be simpler in terms of mechanics.

Here’s a quick rundown on some good practices as well as a few tricks to keep in mind.

How to start the event

Players need to be at least AR30 and need to have completed the “Farewell, Archaic Lord” Archon Quest in the first half of the Liyue questline.

Once these requirements are met, head over to Mondstadt and talk to Timaeus by the Crafting Table. He’ll ask players to help him with his research, which will ultimately open up the combat domains leading to the rest of the event.

A Study In Potions Combat Encounters

The event is split over three trial stages that are further divided into four “tests” for Timaeus’ new potions. Complete each encounter to earn points and unlock rewards from the event screen.

These domain encounters are treated a bit like Spiral Abyss floors. Players will need two different teams at most to finish each test as the game will prevent them from picking the same characters two times in a row. Luckily, the game will provide some pre-built characters to help out with this.

The main gimmick of this event is the Smoldersleet Potions, which grant useful buffs to all active party members. Be sure to pick the ones that best suit a given team composition, but keep in mind that the potions can only be used once per trial stage.

Combat Tips

Each trial stage has a different modifier that can greatly affect how they can be cleared. Pay attention to these to get the most damage out of each party member.

Many Anemo characters are great for grouping up enemies for AoE damage. Stand in a corner and let melee enemies approach, then blast them all down with CC-effects and Swirl reactions. However, pay attention to the enemy spawns on each floor and base the team composition around that.

If the 2.5x multiplier difficulty is too hard, consider dialing it back down. Players only need Silver medals to get all of the Primogem rewards.

Genshin Impact - Jean's Charged Attacks can lift enemies up into the air
Jean's Charged Attacks can lift enemies up into the air. Genshin Impact