• Bennett is an S-tier support for healing and buffing allies
  • He also works as a decent Pyro burst damage dealer
  • Bennett suffers from low particle generation and high energy requirements

Bennett is one of “Genshin Impact’s” most beloved characters thanks to his sheer utility. He can not only heal party members, but he can also provide a substantial damage buff to everyone standing inside his area of effect.

Players will be hard-pressed to find a Pyro support who can perform as well as Bennett, but even he needs a bit of investment before he can reach his peak potential. Here’s a short guide on how to build and play Bennett in “Genshin Impact.”

How to play Bennett

As an offense-focused support unit, Bennett excels in buffing allies while keeping them topped-off for extended combat. His Elemental Burst is his bread-and-butter ability that all players should prioritize in using and leveling, while his Elemental Skill is mainly reserved for applying Pyro and recharging Bennett’s energy.

Apart from his general-purpose nature, Bennett can be used specifically in Anemo-based teams as his ultimate’s Pyro field can constantly Swirl with characters like Kazuha and Jean. This can result in high damage-over-time while their ultimates are active, which can quickly melt even the toughest of elemental shields in no time.

Bennett's Elemental Burst creates a large fire field that heals allies
Bennett's Elemental Burst creates a large fire field that heals allies Genshin Impact

Best Bennett Artifacts

Due to how Bennett’s ultimate is used, he makes for an excellent candidate for a four-piece Noblesse Oblige set. This artifact sets grants Bennett even more offensive utility as its passive ATK buff stacks with his own, and he gets a decent bump to his Elemental Burst’s damage.

Alternatively, Bennett can be built as a secondary DPS with a two-piece Noblesse and two-piece Crimson Witch for a steep increase in his burst damage when his ultimate is available.

For artifact stats, it’s better to focus on Energy Recharge or HP% because his Elemental Burst’s damage buff scales off his Base ATK only. Only spec for ATK stats when using Bennett as a secondary damage dealer.

Weapons and Teams

Anything that increases Bennett’s ATK or Energy Recharge is ideal. Festering Desire, Sacrificial Sword, Favonious Sword and Skyward Blade are all good picks.

As for team compositions, Bennett can fit in almost any team so long as their reactions won’t get disrupted by Pyro procs. He fits especially well in “Sunfire” teams that use Swirl procs as well as any high-damage one-shot teams with the likes of Diluc, Raiden or Eula.