• Ganyu is a top-tier Cryo DPS with high strong AoE damage potential
  • She is effective with or without any offensive buffs from support units
  • Ganyu works best in Freeze or Reverse Melt teams

The second half of “Genshin Impact’s” Patch 2.4 saw the return of Ganyu, who, alongside Zhongli, still stands as one of the best playable characters in the game in terms of sheer usability.

Ganyu is still at the top of the roster as far as DPS characters are concerned. She can deal tremendous amounts of damage in short spans of time with very little mechanical skill requirement from players, making her arguably the most efficient DPS unit in “Genshin Impact.”

Despite the many new additions to the game since Ganyu’s release, her playstyle remains mostly the same. However, there are a few interesting playstyles that players may want to try out thanks to the new characters and items that were added to the game.

Ganyu’s Playstyles

As a Charged Attack-reliant archer, Ganyu’s main playstyle is to simply point and shoot while keeping her positioning in mind. All she needs to be effective is a shielder to prevent her from getting disrupted and maybe a few offensive supports that can squeeze out every bit of damage from her kit.

One interesting new playstyle that’s been gaining popularity over the past year involves Jean or Kazuha together with Bennett to create a constantly swirling Pyro field, which Ganyu can use to buff her own damage via Melt procs.

Ganyu is a very strong Cryo DPS with plenty of AoE attacks - Genshin Impact
Ganyu is a very strong Cryo DPS with plenty of AoE attacks Genshin Impact

Use Bennett’s ult, follow it up with an Anemo ult and then cap the combo off with Ganyu’s own Elemental Burst. The ice storm is mainly there to help apply Cryo and to buff Ganyu’s Charged Shot damage.

This so-called “Sunfire” setup is excellent against Abyss Heralds and Lecters since the constant Swirl and Melt procs can shred their tough shields.

Best Ganyu Builds

The Wanderer’s Troupe and Blizzard Strayer sets are still the top picks for Ganyu’s artifacts. The former buffs her Charged Attack damage, while the latter buffs her CRIT Rate. Players can go with either artifact set and get identical results.

Using the Blizzard Strayer set alongside the Cryo resonance effect and Ganyu’s innate CRIT passives means players will be able to forego a bit of CRIT Rate stats in favor of CRIT DMG. On the other hand, the standard ATK%, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG and Cryo DMG stat priority remains the same with the Wanderer’s set.

As for her weapons, the Amos Bow is still her best choice. F2P alternatives include Hamayumi and the Prototype Crescent.