• Zhongli is one of the best shield units in "Genshin Impact"
  • He can also be used as a damage dealer with Physical or Geo damage
  • Zhongli can fit well in every team composition in the game

Even after the myriad of characters that were introduced to “Genshin Impact” since the game’s release, Zhongli remains one of the best – if not the best – shield unit in the game. The Geo Archon continues to prove that he is as timeless as stone with his strong damage-blocking barrier and versatile offensive capabilities.

With droves of people spending their hard-earned Primogems on Zhongli’s 2.4 rerun banner, now is the best time to revisit the Lord of Geo’s abilities and synergies to see if there are any fun new things that players might find interesting. Here’s a quick overview of Zhongli.

Zhongli’s Playstyles

Zhongli can be played either as a pure shield bot or as a main DPS unit thanks to his high attack scalings. His Elemental Skill not only provides his signature shield, but it also shreds the resistance of all targets hit by the initial burst, causing them to take more damage from all damage types.

Zhongli against the Pyro Regisvine boss in Genshin Impact
If built properly, Zhongli can withstand even the hardest of hits. Genshin Impact

Damage-wise, Zhongli can be built for pure Physical DPS or a maxed Physical/Geo damage approach. His Elemental Burst may take time to cast, but once the meteor actually lands, it can reach incredibly high numbers assuming Zhongli is built for Geo damage.

Zhongli Weapons and Artifacts

When looking at which artifacts to equip and what role to use Zhongli for, consider the following:

  • Shield/Support: 4-piece Tenacity of the Millelith (HP%)
  • Physical DPS: 2-piece Pale Flame + 2-piece Gladiator (ATK%, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG)
  • Mixed Damage: 2-piece Noblesse + 2-piece Archaic Petra (ATK%, CRIT stats, Geo DMG)

The Staff of Homa is excellent for DPS builds because it stacks with Zhongli’s innate HP-for-damage scalings. Alternatively, Deathmatch and The Catch are good offensive options.

For support builds, use either Vortex Vanquisher or Favonius Lance for the added shield strength and energy particle generation, respectively.

Best Team Comps and Synergies

Zhongli is extremely versatile and can fit in any team comp that requires a shield bot, though he may not always be the most ideal in every single case.

He is best paired with another Geo character like Albedo who can help him regain energy for his burst. Double Electro teams can also work well for this purpose.

Don’t forget about Zhongli’s RES shred, as this can pair extremely well with other shred effects like C6 Beidou’s Stormbreaker for maximum DPS.