• The Dodoco Tales catalyst can be bought in the event shop using the new Mini Harpastum currency
  • Players can earn more Mini Harpastum by completing activities around the map
  • The weapon's refinement materials can also be bought from the store

The final segment of the Midsummer Island Adventure event for “Genshin Impact” has been unlocked, allowing all players to access the interior of the mysterious blue bubble island of the Golden Apple Archipelago. More importantly, the unlocked event segment will now let players farm for the new Dodoco Tales catalyst as well as its refinement materials.

The new 4-star catalyst is one of the few of its kind that’s tailored for DPS roles. The weapon comes with an ATK% substat and a passive that grants even more ATK to its wielder, making it very suitable for characters like Yanfei, Ningguang and Klee.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to get the new weapon as quickly and efficiently as possible in “Genshin Impact” 1.6.

Klee and friends during the Midsummer Island Adventure event in Genshin Impact Klee and friends during the Midsummer Island Adventure event in Genshin Impact Photo: Genshin Impact

How To Get Dodoco Tales

The weapon is locked behind the event’s summer shop, which has since been unlocked together with the final segment of the event map. To get Dodoco Tales and its refinement materials, Fragments of Innocence, players must purchase them from the shop using the new Mini Harpastum currency. The shop is unlocked after finishing the “The Final Riddle: A Secret Uncovered” quest.

Mini Harpastum can be obtained by clearing groups of enemies using the new event-exclusive Harpastum bombs.

How To Get Mini Harpastum

After finishing the event’s main quest, players will gain access to the entirety of the southwest island as well as the ability to craft Harpastum bombs using materials found around the archipelago.

Each bomb type functions slightly differently from each other but for the sake of earning Mini Harpastum coins, players can use any bomb type they prefer.

A new type of map marker will appear on the world map, indicating the locations of the enemy camps that players will have to clear using the Harpastum bombs. Simply go to each camp and defeat all of the enemies to get 200 Mini Harpastum per clear.

Using all of the bomb types is recommended so as to unlock their respective event challenges. Completing the challenges will reward players with Mora and a generous bundle of Primogems.

Keep clearing the monster camps to earn enough Mini Harpasta for the Dodoco Tales weapon.